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7 Benefits of a Professional Notary Website
The first question potential customers always asked about designing a website is “How much does it cost?” The answer is usually the same, “It depends on what you want.” I believe in designing web sites with the purpose of achieving specific goals. Some Notary Professionals may choose to use web sites as a marketing tool providing comprehensive information or simply have a presence on the web. A professional web site adds credibility to your business. The benefits you receive from having a professional notary website are worth far more than the cost.

It’s important that all Notary Professionals understand how a web site can promote their businesses. Review 7 reasons below how a professional notary web site can increase your notary business.

  • Increase New Business If a plumber or electrician needs a document notarized, it’s so much easier to simply type ‘notary (county)’ into a search engine. With more people turning to the Internet for local and out of state services, your notary web site can surely increase your business. In addition, your web site can link to social media, and we all know how that works.
  • Save Money Advertisements in papers, magazines and other traditional offline media generally cost far more than advertising online and for many businesses the law of diminishing returns as more people turn to the web and social media.
  • Provide Information The Notary website template allows potential clients to quickly navigate to the services you provide – this is better than a printed brochure, you add, change or modify at any time. A basic description of you, your services provided, and your contact information can inspire a level of confidence in your notary business that can be hard to achieve offline.
  • Beat the Competition There are lots of Notary Professionals; how many of them have a website that is professional and gets right to the point? Better yet how many have a website at all? By creating an online presence which is formatted so potential clients can quickly navigate to the services you provide, you stay ahead of your competition.
  • Develop a Brand All big companies have a recognizable brand. Even though “Apple” is the best known brand globally, most businesses operate on a more modest scale. That said, the national reach of the Internet allows every Notary Professional to build a reputation and brand quickly at an affordable rate.
  • You Don’t Have to Wonder or Think about it You don’t have to think about the right information to place on your website. The website template provides all required information searched by your customers in a clear and concise fashion.
  • It’s Affordable! The purchase and maintenance of a quality website that provides information that specifically meets your needs is affordable and also a tax write-off! No hidden fees; all prices are provided up front.


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